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Hi! My name is Todd Abrams, and I’m the owner of Barley Bus Tours. I love KC. I was born and raised here, and I love showing off all the best parts of the city.


I started this company back in late 2015 because I wanted to do something that would let me show my love for KC by sharing it with others. And what better way to share your love than to take people on an amazing tour around the city?


If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should book a bus or a tour, please give us a call at 816-533-3090. I’d love to talk with you personally about how much fun our tours are and what we offer!

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AKA Chuck Norris stunt double! I’ve lived in Kansas City for about 10 years, moving here from western Kansas and attending KU! Now the only thing that we raise is cane. You don’t need the sun or rain. Just some neon lights saying some ice-cold beer. If you know the reference, you’ll have a great time. I have a passion for old cars and limos. I enjoy the outdoors and good ‘ole country music.
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Joe F.

Hey there! I’m a Central Kansas native who has lived in KC for around 8 years. I’m nuts about the local food and beverage scene, and I love that I get to share my favorite spots with you all! When I’m not working my non-profit 9-5 or hanging out on the Barley Bus, I love digging in record store crates and finding hidden hiking gems around the city. Go Chiefs and go Barley Bus!

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Joe S.

I grew up in Austin, TX, and have lived in Kansas City ever since I finished my tour of duty in the Army 30 years ago.  I have been married to my beautiful wife Kelley for 26 years and blessed with 2 awesome adult children, Carrie -23, and Joey -21.  We love so many things about this town including the live music scene, the many breweries, distilleries, wineries, and of course The Chiefs, Royals, and Sporting KC! KC is also the only place you will find Barley Bus and grateful to be part of such an awesome team where I get to meet amazing people from all walks of life. Have fun, be safe and Drink Local!!


Hey y’all! I have lived in KCMO for around 4 years, but I hail from Chicago. Growing up, my dad would always share interesting tidbits as we drove around Chicago, and now I get to share interesting facts with you as we drive through KC! When I’m not guiding tours for Barley Bus, I’m researching tours… so I try lots of new beers, wines, spirits and BBQ… it’s hard work. I love my dog, Leon, street art, old school hip hop, being outdoors and finding hidden gems. I’m a White Sox, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks fan – but I have a Chiefs t-shirt and lots of pride for KCMO 🤘



A modern day Madman, I worked at a notable Kansas City-based ad agency and have led marketing for other companies. When I’m not sharing hidden gems on a tour, I enjoy a grilled meal on my patio with a glass of wine, craft beer or bourbon. I’m also a judge for the American Royal World Series of BBQ, enjoy disc golf, pickle ball and riding a gravel trail. My claim to fame is winning a Dolly Madison pie eating contest when I was eight years old.


Local KC native. Married to the best woman in town, Brooke, and blessed with 4 beautiful daughters! I love to play soccer and golf. HUGE Sporting KC and KC Current fan. My go to to drink is a old fashion.


What’s up! My name’s Johnny. I’m originally from Southern California, and still new to Kansas City and Missouri in general. Back home I worked as a bartender and was known as the guy who knew all the best places to drink! When I’m not running around the city with a Barley Bus tour, you’ll find me exploring the local breweries, walking my two dogs, Cindy and Mitzy, or at a sports game. I’m a huge supporter of all the LA sports teams, favorites include, the Dodgers, LAFC, and the Rams (sorry Chiefs fans, love the city though) I’ll see you on the Barley Bus!


Hola! I’m Arlin aka the BBQ Queen and a KC Transplant via Texas and LA; A foodie and dog lover that can be found shooting pool or near a good whiskey watering hole. I appreciate live music, a good comedy open mic and an exotic trip from time to time. Go Chiefs! 

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